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Why ?

Aside from the cool factor, there are (at least) six good reasons to join the France Digitale family, one for each day of the week (Sunday is for reading):

1) Boost the power of your start-up’s voice (working with governments, tax and regulatory issues, etc.).
2) Gain access to the association’s key events (topical workshops on subjects like HR, taxation, M&A, digital skills and more) held in Paris and with regional broadcasts, Join a Start-up, and CTO, CMO and VC Meetups, and bring members together for top international events.
3) Take advantage of a network of 30 investment funds and 100 start-ups at the heart of the digital landscape.
4) Enjoy the benefits of Special Deals: great start-up-2-start-up deals for you and your employees (apparel, homeware, high tech goods, activity gift cards, jewellery and more).
5) Participate in France Digitale Day, the association’s flagship event, rated as the “event of the year”.
6) Receive the best welcome pack of all time. Plus the added bonus of proudly flying the France Digitale colours on your lapel.

How ?

The association is open to:

– French start-ups with strong growth plans, which have already raised funds from VCs/BAs or plan to raise such funds.

French investors (VCs and BAs) dedicated to the digital sphere or which do substantial business in the field of digital technologies.

New members are co-opted in (by sponsorship or independent application).

The association is also open to a limited number of strategic partnerships, but exclusively those offering services related to the digital landscape.

To join, please send a note by carrier pigeon… or by email to willy@francedigitale.org, or click the button below.



Want to join us, but you do not yet have the means to do so? Good news! France Digitale has created a new €200 category for new companies (with turnover of less than €250,000, for initial enrolment). Additionally, Google will put up half the funds. That’s right, just €100 to join the club.

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Enrolment fee

  • Start-ups

    Turnover :

    < €250k: €100

    < €3m: €500

    between €3m and €10m: €1,500

    > €10m: €2,500

  • VCs & VCs

    Business Angel : 500€

    Managed funds :

    < €30m: €1,500

    < €30m: €1,500

  • Digital services company

    Agency, consultant, studio : 3000€

  • Strategic partners

    Enrolment: please contact us


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