Who are we ?

We bring together the champions of digital entrepreneurship: start-ups with strong growth plans and potential investors (venture capitalists and business angels).

In 2012, France Digitale was born from two observations made by entrepreneurs and investors:
– A general misunderstanding of the economic and social potential of the digital landscape.
– The French economy’s inability to create new economic champions.

Our mission is to transform France into a territory that is ripe for the development of start-ups, both within our borders and abroad.

In concrete terms, France Digitale’s actions hinge on two main areas:

  1. Ramping-up the digital arena: community building, a feeling of belonging, networking, knowledge transfers, exchanges of good practices, and so on.
  2. Working with French public institutions, major economic players, the media, and the European Commission.





Our mission

To build an alliance between digital entrepreneurs and investors, so that France becomes fertile ground for the creation of digital champions of international stature.

Our values are those of our members. France Digitale is:
Pragmatic : France Digitale has no political leanings, but instead systematically bases its proposals on ad hoc studies and numbers.
Agile : France Digitale nourishes a culture of performance and goes wherever needed.
Pioneering : France Digitale promotes a new business model in which young people, innovation and the creation of shared value have a major role to play.
Independent : The members of France Digitale march together toward the same goal while remaining independent. The only code of conduct: come as you are.

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